Full Form of JSON

Full Form of JSON

JavaScript Object Notation

JSON Full Form is JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a technique of saving material in systematized accessible way. JSON provides a legible assortment of information that can be retrieved by a rational method. JSON is an open-standard set-up that utilises everyday texts to convey information consisting of attribute–value pairs.


JSON is the most popular data format for asynchronous browser/server exchange (AJAJ), primarily substituting XML which is applied by AJAX. JSON is a language- free data format and originated from JavaScript. Nevertheless, now JSON is obtainable in many programming lingos.


The sanctioned Internet media category for JSON is application/JSON. The JSON filename extension is .json. JSON expanded because of instantaneous server-to-browser communiqué minus browser plugins like Flash or Java applets, which were the leading techniques in the early 2000s. Douglas Crockford first started and popularized the JSON format.


JSON lets us overpower the cross-domain issues, as it employs a call-back function to return the JSON data back to the domain. This ability makes JSON highly beneficial. JSON was initially created on the Javascript programming language and was presented as the page scripting language for the Netscape Navigator Web browser. JSON is linked with C++, Java, Python, Lisp.


JSON represent data structures, as contrasting to a complete language. JSON documents are comparatively lightweight and are swiftly implemented on Web server. The comfortable arrangement and lack of arithmetic equations or algorithms, JSON is easy to comprehend and learn, even by operators with little formal programming familiarity, which led to the rapid popularity of the layout as a user-friendly mode to make collaborating pages.