Full Form of IRC

Full Form of IRC:

Internet Relay Chat

IRC Full Form is Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a chat service program that helps its users to connect to the specified server by the help of web service and communicate with each other in real time. People around the globe, irrespective of their geographical locations, can get connected and talk to each other in the format of some sort of text message. This application layer protocol was developed by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988. Since the time of its introduction to the digital world, IRC has gained immense popularity over the years and it is still in use effectively.

To communicate with others through the medium of IRC, the user must have an IRC client and internet connection. The IRC client connects the user to the IRC server by the help of internet. The IRC server makes sure that the user doesn’t have any difficulty or problem in communicating with others. It ensures the receipt and delivery of text messages properly and on time.

Full Form of IRC
Full Form of IRC

In an IRC, several discussions on different channels can run simultaneously. It also allows one-on-one communication. IRC not only allows users to send and receive private or public messages, but it also ensures that data transfer like file transferring can be done through its server.

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