Full Form of GPS – Additional Information

Full Form of GPS :

Global Positioning System

GPS Full Form is Global Positioning System. The very commonly used GPS is a navigation system that operates with the help of satellite network. GPS was started by the US in the year 1973. The primary function of a GPS is to provide the time and location anywhere on earth as required, irrespective of the weather.Initially it was created for military, commercial, and civil purposes.

Today, GPS is used all over the world for deriving directions and locations. Development in technology and requirement of the current generations has led to more accurate results in the GPS system. Essentially, GPS system is a group of satellite networks placed around the orbit of the earth and completely maintained by the US Defense Department.

Full Form of GPS
Full Form of GPS

GPS Full Form – Additional Information

For the topic of our discussion, we have the famously used Global Positioning System, which is also known by its popularly used abbreviated form GPS. In this article, we shall discuss various facets about Global Positioning system (which from hereinafter will be referred to as GPS). However, before we dwell deeper on those areas, we shall begin with the most rudimentary section of the discussion: a simple introduction to GPS.

Introduction to GPS technology

The Global Positioning System refers to the space based system that is used for navigational purposes. The system is used for generating information related to time and location in all kinds of climactic conditions. The system can be used from any part of the earth and in fact from near the Earth. However, the requirement for such use is that there should be unhindered line of sight to at least 4 or more GPS satellites.

Moreover, GPS system plays a key role in various functions pertaining to military, intelligence, civil users, and commercial customers from across different parts of the world. The GPS was created by the government of the USA, which not only maintains the system but also makes it available free for use to anyone who has a GPS receiver.

The system was the outcome for the need to remove the shortcomings that were there with previous versions of navigational system. There were extensive studies conducted on a number of conventional engineering designs during the period around 1960s.

After rigorous experimentation, the United States Department of Defense (abbreviated as DoD) came up with the system, which in the beginning used only 24 satellites. The entire system became operational in the year 1995. Key persons who are credited to have developed the system are Roger L. Easton, Bradford Parkinson, and Ivan A. Getting.

With time, new technological modifications have been incorporated in the system. Efforts are now being made to successfully develop the GPS Block IIIA, which is the next generation GPS system, and Next Generation Operational Control System (abbreviated as OCX).

Apart from the GPS systems, many other countries have come up with their own positioning systems. Russia came up with the Global Navigation Satellite System (abbreviated GLONASS) pretty much at the time when GPS came into existence however this system could not realize its full potential until 2000s. India too is making more technological modifications to its Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (abbreviated as IRNSS),.

Then there are the Chinese BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and the Japanese’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System. Now that we have discussed the introductory aspects of the GPS, we shall now move deeper into other facets of the system. So here are certain things you should know about the GPS:

History behind the development of the GPS

Some light has already been thrown on the history behind the need to have a navigational system. This segment will highlight more facts about the same. The design of the subject matter, (i.e) GPS is partly based on radio-navigation systems like the Decca Navigator and Long Range Navigation (abbreviated as LORAN).

These two navigation systems mentioned were developed in the 1940s and they were in use in the British Royal Navy during the World War II. In the year 1956, Friedwardt Winterberg, a physicist gave a proposition on General relativity, which basically talked about detection of time slowing down in a powerful gravitational field with the help of accurate atomic clocks which are placed in orbit of artificial satellites.

Preceding the development of GPS, there were many attempts made on the development of a positioning system. With these developments in the period around 1960s, it became palpable that an advanced system was needed and such system could be developed by utilizing the technologies derived from Transit, SECOR, Timation, and 621B.

It was in the year 1973 that the real synthesis of the GPS system was discussed in a meeting organized during Labor Day. The meeting comprised military officers at Pentagon, which discussed upon the possibilities of having a Defense Navigation Satellite System (abbreviated as DNSS).

In the same year, the DNSS program was given the name Navstar, which stands for Navigation System Using Timing and Ranging. It was not made for civilian use then. It was only in the aftermath of the shooting down of the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 and Boeing 747 that the then President of the USA, Ronald Reagan declared that GPS will be available soon for civilian use the moment it is developed sufficiently.

Then, with series of developments a full-fledged GPS system came into existence. Public use of GPS has made it incumbent upon the United States DoD to ensure that the GPS system is not used in a hostile manner and also that the GPS is made available in a continuous and worldwide fashion for civilians.

Awards and Recognition

The development of the GPS was a major achievement in the history of technological innovations. Because of this, the GPS team has won many accolades for it. In the year 1993, the GPS Team was selected by the National Aeronautic Association for the prestigious award Robert J. Colleir Trophy. The GPS team involved researchers and developers from the Aerospace Corporation, the USAF, IBM federal Systems company, Rockwell International Corporation, and the Naval Research Laboratory.

Two of the GPS developers were recipients of the National Academy of Engineering Charles Stark Draper Prize for the year 2003. Those two developers who received this award were Ivan getting, who was an emeritus president of prodigious aerospace major Aerospace Corporation, and Bradford Parkinson, who was a professor at the world famous Stanford University.

The GPS has been inducted into the Space Foundation Space Technology Hall of Fame in the year 1998. In the year 2011, the GPS technology was honored with 60th Anniversary Award of the International Astronautical Federation (abbreviated as IAF). The GPS technology was recognized for its role in the development of the navigational system across the globe and how much it has helped in engaging international research for the benefit of humankind.

Fundamentals behind the working of the GPS technology

One can, of course, dig deeper into the intricate fundamentals of the GPS technology but we shall not do so because it would be too technical an issue. Under this segment, we shall discuss about the basic fundamentals behind the functioning of the GPS technology.

The working of the GPS technology is based on the known location of specialized satellites and time. These specialized satellites carry with their systems extremely stable atomic clocks that synchronize with each other and with ground clocks. The satellites detect locations quite precisely.

The GPS satellites transmit their time and location quite precisely to the ground clocks. At a given time, four satellites at least must be viewable by the GPS receiver so as to allow the computation of coordinates and clock deviation from the satellite time.

Applications of the GPS system

As mentioned before in the introductory paragraph, the GPS technology finds its application in military, intelligence and civilian and commercial purposes. For the civilian purposes, the technology is useful in Astronomy, Clock Synchronization, Fleet tracking, geotagging, Robotics, Sports, Telematics GPS aircraft tracking, Radio occultation, Emergency services, Disaster management, and Geofencing, etc. In military uses, the GPS system is applicable in cases such as Nuclear Detonation Detection System, Target tracking, Navigational services, Artillery projectiles, etc.

GPS Full Form: Generac Power Systems

Full Form of GPS stands for Generac Power Systems. Generac Power system is a company founded in the year 1959. It is one of the independent and leading manufacturers of generator systems for communication, residential, industrial, recreational vehicle, and commercial applications. Generac delivers high-quality products with competitive and consistent pricing and fast delivery times.

The GPS helps in providing advanced manufacturing solutions, engineering and product designs. The product line of this private company includes portable generators and modular power systems. This company also specialized in the manufacture and design of transfer switches, enclosures, air cooled engines, control systems, and alternators. Additionally, it also provides options for online product registration. There are about one thousand to five thousand employees in this company.

The production of Generac Power systems is distributed in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Europe through a vast network of equipment rental companies, retailers, and wholesalers. In the year 2012, the GPS acquired Ottomotors. Ottomotors was an international distributor and producer of diesel gaskets. The inventory warehouses and distribution facilities of GPS are in Brazil, Mexico, and Italy and in the United States. In the year 2014, it was awarded as the Company of the Year for contributing to the industry of natural gas generator in the North America.

Full Form of GPS: Goodpasture Syndrome

GPS Full Form stands for Goodpasture Syndrome. Goodpasture syndrome is basically an autoimmune disorder. People suffering from this disease develop substances that attack a kind of protein known as collagen present in glomeruli of the kidneys and air sacs in the lungs. Breathing in an environment having hydrocarbon solvents or a respiratory infection can trigger this disorder. In these cases, the immune system attacks tissues or organs, since it mistakes them for foreign chemicals or viruses.

Men are more likely to suffer from Goodpasture syndrome as compared to women. It usually attacks in early adulthood. The occurrence of symptoms is slow. It may take months or years. More often, they develop fast over days or week. Early symptoms include weakness, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Lung symptoms consist of shortness of breath, dry cough, and coughing of blood. Other symptoms may include swelling in legs, vomiting, nausea and pale skin.

For determining the disorder, tests which are done includes Kidney biopsy, Creatinine, BUN, Lung biopsy and Chest x-ray. Early diagnosis is essential. If the disorder is overlooked, then the kidneys can get damaged severely. Possible complications include bleeding lungs, lung failure, chronic kidney disease and glomerulonephritis. If a person is having less urine, or if he or she is suffering from one or more symptoms of the Goodpasture syndrome, a medical professional must be contacted immediately.

GPS Full Form: Global Public Square

Full Form of GPS stands for Global Public Square. Global Public Square is a one hour program that provides a detailed look not only at the decisions that affects the lives of people but also at the foreign affairs. This program is hosted by Fareed Zakaria. Every week, this program provides the viewers an in-depth interview with the world leaders, analysts, and Newsmakers, thereby helping in breaking down the toughest problems of the world.

Global Public Square has been hosted by Fareed Zakaria since the year 2008. This program airs worldwide every Sunday on the channel CNN. Up till now, Dr. Zakaria had interviewed many important personalities like Lula DA Silva, Kind Abdullah II, Barack Obama, Moammar Gadhafi, Narendra Modi and many other journalists, business leaders, politicians, and intellectuals.

Global Public Square was nominated for an Emmy award for the interview with Wen Jiabao. In the year 2011 the same show won a Peabody Award since he covers global issues in a way that helps in showing their importance for the viewers throughout the globe. Through this program, he gives viewers the nuanced and rich perspectives. This can be evidenced by many examples of the show, for example, through the Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s interview, Dr. Zakaria provided an in-depth look at the relations of Iran with the other countries, and the cultural and Political life within this country.

Full Form of GPS: Government Policy Statement

GPS Full Form refers to Government Policy Statement. A statement which outlines the plans and policy intended by the government is known as the Government Policy Statement. In the case of countries that are democratic or republic, a parliament minister or the government head announces the government policy statements. In a crowned republic, or in other words, in a parliamentary monarchy, the Throne Speech presents the same.

This can further be explained by taking the examples of Austria and Germany. In Germany, the Bundestag is a legislative and constitutional body at the federal level. In Austria, the same type of body is represented by Nationalrat. In both countries, the government policy statement is submitted by their Chancellors, who is the head of their respective federal governments.

It is an important commitment of the constitutional nature for both the government and the parliament, even if it is not bonded legally. The policy statement can be given to the parliament by the government during the period of legislation through the ministers and the Chancellors. Another example is that of the country Sweden. Here, the Prime Minister gives the government policy statement at the start of every parliamentary year as well as at the beginning of the legislative session of the government.

GPS Full Form: Global Payment System

Full Form of GPS refers to Global Payment System. GPS is a provider of processing services for the electronic transaction for multinational cooperation, government agencies, and ISOs or Independent sales organization that are located throughout the Asia-Pacific regions, Europe, the United States and Canada. It helps in providing processing solutions for terminal management, electronic check conversion, purchasing cards, electronic check services, electronic check guarantee, gift cards, debit cards and credit cards.

The parent company of GPS is the National Data Corporation. It was founded in the year 1967. Presently, the company provides services to both ‘brick-and-mortars’ as well as virtual merchants. GPS is a publicly traded and independent company on the NYSE since the year 2001. The offices of GPS are located in Russia, Europe, Canada, the Asia-Pacific, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States to serve institutions that utilize its internet, processing and acquiring services.

It processes nearly six billion transactions every year presently and serves nearly one million merchant locations through their network of electronic information. The headquarters of GPS are in Atlanta, located in Georgia. The current CEO of the GPS is Jeffrey S. Sloan. The service and product lines consist of acquiring Internet-based solutions for storefront support and payment processing, merchant processing support, point-of-sale applications, and front-end network.

Full Form of GPS: Gladstone Power Station

GPS Full Form refers to Gladstone Power Station. Gladstone Power Station is the largest power station in Queensland. It is situated at Gladstone, on the coast of Central Queensland. The Gladstone power station was built as well as commissioned by the SEC or State Electricity Commission in the year 1976. In the year 1994, the joint venture of Gladstone Power Station bought the power station for supporting the expansion of Boyne Smelter.

This power station helped the industries in the region of Gladstone to become viable. NRG Gladstone operative services help in operating Gladstone Power Station. It contributes the capacity of nearly sixteen hundred and eighty megawatts to the power grid of Queensland, that is, it accounts for nearly thirteen percent of the capacity of electricity generation in Queensland.

The main fuel used in this power station is coal. It receives its supply of fuel from Anglo Callide and Xstrata Rolleston coal mines. It employs nearly three hundred and forty people of the Gladstone region. Not only it provides economic advantages to the region, it also maintains cordial relations in the local community and is represented as a major player in the industry. NRG also provides community assistance program which focuses primarily on the youth support, needs of disadvantaged groups, environmental programs, public safety, and education.

GPS Full Form: Guelph Police Service

Full Form of GPS stands for Guelph Police Service. The Guelph Police Force or the GPS is the police force that operates in Guelph city, located in Ontario. It employs nearly ninety-six civilian members and one hundred and ninety police officers. It serves a population of approximately one hundred thousand.

The GPS board consists of five members. They are responsible for providing effective and adequate police services in the city of Guelph. The main responsibility includes the everyday police service operation, along with regular meetings with the board for discussing priority and options for optimum delivery of police services to Guelph.

There are many branches of GPS, which includes CIRT or Critical Incident Response Team. It has twenty-one members. Additionally, its branches also include Downtown Liaison, Traffic, Civil Emergencies, Crime Analyst, Forensic Identification, Community Relations, Strike Liaison and Bike Patrol. Multiple services are provided by the GPS. Some examples of these are court services and MIFIPPA.

The vehicles used by the GPS include Ford Taurus and the command vehicle. Ford Taurus cars are quite large, thereby provides enough room for driver/passenger, cage, prisoner and police equipment. These cars are specially equipped for tasks like neighbourhood; Traffic, Canine, and Tactical teams. The command vehicle was purchased in the year 2015.

It is shared between the fire department and the police service of Guelph. It is equipped with communication gears and computers for use by police and fire teams along with public and medical work personnel. It is also equipped with interview rooms, furnaces, a bathroom and air conditioning for emergencies and incidents.

Full Form of GPS: Ghostfinder Paranormal Society

GPS Full Form stands for Ghostfinder Paranormal Society. The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society is basically a paranormal investigative team. It’s foundation was laid by Barri Ghai in the year 2006. It has now become the most ‘polished’ organizations of ghost hunters in the United Kingdom. They have appeared on radio and television worldwide. They regularly offer expert advice or testimony on media cases that appear frequently in the national papers.

The team of this organization operates throughout the United Kingdom. The team members of the GPS or Ghostfinder Paranormal Society are located in many countries like London, Kent, Plymouth, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Hertfordshire. The people making the GPS team are diverse and come from all kinds of background and age. The members include retail and catering managers, engineers, ex-police, military and even hairdressers.

All the gadgets used for investigation by the team of the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society are latest. These tools help them in locating as well as recording paranormal activity. Examples of these tools are laser thermometers, Full spectrum cameras, EMF detectors, digital video recorders, thermal imagers and Digital Voice Recorders.

These devices help the investigators in gathering valuable data that aids in proving or disproving the existence of paranormal phenomena like ghost haunting. It is basically a nonprofit organization and do not charge for their services. They get paid by the media work they do which helps in funding their website and the expensive kit and all gadgets of ghost hunting.