Full Form of FPS

Full Form of FPS:

Frames Per Second

FPS Full Form is Frames Per Second. FPS is used for expressing the frame rate. The frame rate is also called the frame frequency. The images that are displayed consecutively by an imaging device are referred to as frames. The rate at which these frames are displayed is called the frame frequency. This term is used in MCS or motion capture systems, video cameras, film cameras and computer graphics.


The resolution and temporal sensitivity of the vision of human beings depend on the visual stimulus’ characteristics and types. They are different for different individuals. The number of separate images that can be processed by the visual systems of humans per second is one thousand. After nearly one hundred and fifty images, the untrained eye does not notice them, and the high rate sequences are perceived by the human visual as motion. The frame rate of the silent films made in the early years was between sixteen to twenty-four frame rates per second.


 The main standards of frame rates in the business of digital cinema and television include 30p, 25p, and 24p. The unit used for expressing the frames per second is hertz. The frame rate of 24p is used to transfer video signals to films. The 25p frame rate is used for running twenty-five progressive frames each second. These are used by companies in the regions of fifty hertz for obtaining direct compatibility between frame rates and television.The 30p frame rate is used for producing video at the rate of thirty frames each second. The current film industry is trying the 48p frame rate. It helps in reducing the flicker and motion blur that occur in films.