Full Form of BFF

Full Form of BFF

Best Friends Forever

BFF Full Form is Best Friends Forever. BFF is a phrase that is used as a description for close and intimate friendship. Such friendships are defined by the trust as well as a sense of perpetuity. For a relationship to fall within the domain of BFFs, the contacts between such close friends should be frequent and premised on shared emotions and experiences. The phrase BFF does not convey a sense of exclusivity that is people can have as many BFFs as they want.

Full Form of BFF
Full Form of BFF


Many people describe the phrase BFF as to mean someone you may not see every day but remain connected with. Such person shares a sense of strong affinity and love with you regardless whether or not there is frequent contact. This definition shows that there is no uniformity in the characterization of the term BFF though the primary element of love and sense of permanence remain. The abbreviated form BFF was included in the New Oxford American Dictionary in the year 2010 as “A person’s best friend”.


The concept of a BFF is ageless, however, the use of it became popular only with the advent of instant messaging on cell phones and social networking website. The New Oxford American Dictionary contemplates the origin of the term to be around the year 1996. Even companies such as Coca-Cola have made use of the expression BFF as part of their advertisement strategy.


BFF concept has been subject to academic studies. In the year 2010, the BFF concept became part of a BFF contract for the purposes of encouraging the parties to resolve their differences before separating. A Study was conducted by Tamas David-Barrett at the University of Oxford which reflected that there are universal patterns depicting close friendship among humans. It concluded that the concept of BFF is universal, though it may be understood under different nomenclatures.


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