Full Form of AVI

Full Form of AVI

Audio Video Interleave

AVI Full Form is Audio Video Interleave. AVI is a format that contains multimedia data. It is a part of the VFW ( Video for Windows ) software released by Microsoft. It was introduced in the month of November, 1992. AVI files contain both types of multimedia namely audio and video. The inclusion of these two types of data, in a single container, allows AVI files to perform synchronous playback of audio with video.


AVI files also provide support for those audio and video data that uses multiple streaming. AVI is a sub-part of the generic container titled RIFF ( Resource Interchange File Format ) that stores data in forms of tagged chunks. The subdivision of data is made in 3 chunks. These chunks have tags of hdrl, movi, and idx1. An AVI file is also commonly has tag of metadata that is located in its INFO chunk. XMP ( Extensible Metadata Platform ) can also be embedded in AVI files.

But, numerous limitations can be noticed within this specification because it did not anticipate those new technological video techniques that emerged after its introduction. AVI files cannot reliably contain certain types of VBR ( Variable Bit-Rate) data. It does not use any kind of compression technique to contain a video data. Encoding of information, related to aspect ratio, is not done by AVI files in a standardized way. In the sectors of the post-production in film and television industry, there is a doubt in its usability.

Microsoft was a pioneer in introducing this multimedia format worldwide.AVI files have both audio and video files that allow simultaneous playback of audio& video. AVI files are compatible with most of the media players VLC Player, Windows Media Player etc.


AVI files are large files with no Compression, compressing AVI file is not recommended as it results in loss of quality of the file (Audio and video both). AVI is a most common video format that contains audio and video using different combination of codecs. AVI Files runs on different systems like Mac, Windows, LINUX, INIX etc.


It is also supported by majority of web browsers. AVI is one of the oldest video formats and so there are ‘n’ numbers of file available in AVI format. There are lots of converters available in the market to convert AVI files into desired format without must loss of quality.

Advantage of AVI:

  • One can achieve a high rate compression due to Choice of codecs
  • AVI can play in most of the media players such as Windows Media Player
  • AVI is used as starting point to create playable DVDs.

Disadvantage of AVI:

  • AVI does not have a standard way to encode ratio information, which does not allow players to select the right ratio automatically.
  • There are various approaches with modern compression techniques like MPEG- 4 that compresses files without loss of quality. AVI does not compress data.