Full Form of AVG

Full Form of AVG

Anti-Virus Guard

AVG Full Form is Anti-Virus Guard. AVG is a member of the family of internet security software and anti-virus that are developed by the AVG Technologies. The AVG Technologies is a publicly traded company based in Czechoslovakia that was previously known as Grisoft. The first brand of AVG was launched in the year 1992 under the name Anti-Virus Guard. In the year 1997, the licenses of AVG were sold in the United Kingdom and Germany. In the year 1998, the software was launched in the United States of America. The popularity of the software grew increasingly with the launch of the AVG Free Edition. The AVG

is available for Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android.


In the year 2006, the AVG security package evolved into an anti-spyware when the AVG Technologies had acquired the Ewido Networks. It was the same year when Microsoft said that it would make available some components of the AVG within the Windows Vista. In the year 2007, the AVG Technologies got the Exploit Prevention Labs (abbreviated as XPL) and incorporated the latter’s LinkScanner (a safe search technology) into its AVG 8.0 product range that was ultimately released in the year 2008. An Identity Theft Prevention utility was incorporated into the AVG range when the AVG Technologies acquired the Sana Security.


Presently, the company has approximately 200 million users across the world, with most of its products used on mobile platforms. It is, therefore, one of the leading anti-virus software in the world. For anti-virus protection, the AVG solution suite includes the AVG Internet Security, the AVG Anti-Virus Plus Firewall, the AVG Anti-Root kit, the AVG Search, the AVG Protection, etc. All versions of the suite, barring the now discontinued the AVG Anti-Root kit Free Edition, are compatible with the Windows’ 64-bit edition.