Full Form of CST

Full Form of CST

Central Sales Tax

CST Full Form is Central Sales Tax. Central Sales Tax is revenue levied by the Government of India on the sales and purchase of consumer goods, which goes through a phase of changes due to the inter-state trade.

The tax revenue which is collected from this is given to the State Government. However, certain amends have been made in the Central Sales Tax Act

and thereafter, the sales tax is charged only on the transactions which are done between two different states (inter-state transactions) and not on the transactions going on within the state.

Apart from this, if a circumstance arises in which the goods are to be sold within the state but while transporting, they are to pass from a different state, it is not counted as inter-state transaction. Since it is usually just the business personnel’s who carry on sales and purchases of goods, it is they who need to fill the forms for the transaction and issue the proclamations in a well laid and clear cut format to the buyer or seller. There shall be no hidden terms and conditions. These forms can be availed from different sales tax authorities. The registration procedure for CST is done in similar manner as that of VAT registration.