Full Form of IMEI

Full Form of IMEI

International Mobile Equipment Identity

IMEI Full Form is International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is a unique 15 to17-digit number, which identifies individual mobile devices or other devices. Usually, this number is found on the device where the battery is placed. Some mobiles display on the screen, on entering certain keys on the phone. Usually, typing *#06# on the keypad of the device displays the IMEI number on the screen. Most often, IMEI is used to identify UMTS, LTE, and GSM-3GPP phones and some of the satellite phones. This code is mainly used to block the network usage of lost phones. Other than identifying and blocking service, IMEI has nothing to do with the subscriber. Several countries have acknowledged that use of IMEI has reduced incidents of phone theft.

An IMEI number is utilized by GSM network for the purposes of identifying valid devices and thus, can be utilized for preventing a stolen mobile phone from accessing that network. Take, for example, if a mobile phone gets stolen, the owner can ring up his network provider and ask him to blacklist the mobile phone using the IMEI number. This will render the mobile phone useless for any use and even if the SIM card is changed, the mobile phone cannot be used. The purpose of IMEI number is only to identify the device and does not bear any relation with the subscriber.


Many nations have now recognized the role of IMEI number in the reduction of theft of mobile phones. In the United Kingdom’s Mobile Telephones (Re-programming) Act, it is provided that changing of an IMEI number is regarded as an offense under certain situations. Despite being contributive in the reduction of mobile phone thefts, IMEI number is not the only way such can be achieved. In the year 2003, Australia became the first nation to undertake implementation of IMEI blocking in all GSM networks. In New Zealand, the NZ Telecommunications Forum Inc provides for a blocked IMEI services. While IMEI is difficult to change, there are means to defraud it. All of this shows that IMEI is an important number and can be used in case there is a need to identify the mobile phone, especially in cases of theft.

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