Full Form of FCA

Full Form of FCA

Fellow Chartered Accountant

FCA Full Form is Fellow Chartered Accountant. FCA is a globally known and recognized professional designation for expert accountants related to the sectors of finance and business. FCAs are highly skilled, specialists, and experienced in their jobs. FCA can be considered as a sub-group of CA (Chartered Accountant). These accountants are given academic and professional training that provide them deep insight into the financial, managerial, and business developing skills.

Full Form of FCA


After the training is complete, they are provided with career opportunities. These chartered accountants do practice in relevant fields. Becoming an FCA wholly dependent on the duration of the practice. As they gain more and more experiences, their designation increases. To become an FCA, a chartered accountant must have experience in practice for over 5 years. They are awarded this designation of fellowship strictly according to their experience. National organizations of various countries set the standards for becoming an FCA.



In some countries, the experience is strictly regulated for 10 years. Chartered accountants, who have experience of fewer than 5 years, are generally referred to as ACA (Assistant Chartered Accountants). FCAs are involved in all sorts of business sectors be it public sector, private companies, or government bodies. Most reputed companies tend to hire or recruit FCAs to maintain the standard of level in their financial issues and business policies.


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