Full Form of EDC

Full Form of EDC:

Electronic Digital Computer

EDC Full Form is Electronic Digital Computer. An EDC or an Electronic Digital Computer is a computer which possesses the characteristics of both electronic computers as well as digital computers. All other types of computers were driven out from the market with the introduction of computers that were not only electronic but digital as well. There are numerous examples of the modern electronic digital computers, some of which are Macintosh from Apple, and PC from IBM. The current smartphones also come under the category of modern electronic digital computers. Historically, many ways of non-electronic and non-digital nature were used for computation. An example of a non-electronic digital computer is the Lehmer Sieve. The example of an electronic non-digital computer is an analogue computer.

Full Form of EDC


An EDC uses one of the following systems for performing operations: ternary, binary or decimal system. All EDCs, whether they are supercomputers or personal computers, are using the binary logic as well as the binary number system, as of the year 2014. A small number of ternary computers that were built in the Soviet Union used ternary logic. In the twenty-first century, the people are using the electronic digital computers to store data like documents, music, and photo. They are also being used to perform complicated math calculations, and for communication.


A global computer network referred to as the Internet is utilized by the EDCs that help in connecting multiple computers at the same time. The elements that form a modern EDC offer five significant capabilities, which are control, memory, output, arithmetic-logic, and input. Other characteristics that make the EDCs highly different and beneficial include flexibility and its high speed of executing the instructions stored in the computer’s memory.


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