Full Form of ECC

Full Form of ECC in SAP

ERP Central Component

ECC Full Form is ERP Central Component. ECC is an effective software that operates in the sector of enterprise resource planning. This software is developed by the reputed German company named SAP SE. This is why, it is better known as SAP ECC. It is a type of ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) software and is an important component of the business suite package of the ERP software. SAP ECC was formerly known as the SAP ERP which was developed on the base of SAP R/3 software.

Full Form of ECC


ECC was introduced in 2004 after the SAP ERP experienced a complete change in its architecture. It offers facilities and services in various fields of Business Process such as human capital management, operations, financial services, accounting, product design, planning, management etc. Easy integration on the global basis, ability to provide real-time valid information, completely customizable user interface, ability to provide such a work environment that is more efficient are some of the advantages of ECC.



Its disadvantages include inflexibility, long time wait for profit on investment, risk of the failure of a project. The architecture of ECC is mainly related to customer oriented services. Business Warehouse, Server for Internet Transaction, and SEM ( Strategic Enterprise Management) from SAP have been merged into the ECC.


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