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Full Form of BOSCH

Bosch Full Form Name

Bosch Full Form came from the name of its founder Robert Bosch. The Bosch is a global electronics and engineering company in Germany. The headquarters of this company is in Gerlingen, situated in Germany. It is the biggest automotive component supplier of the world in accordance with the revenues of the year two thousand and eleven. The base of this company was laid by Robert Bosch in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-six. This was done in Stuttgart. The ninety-two percent of the company is in the ownership of Robert Bosch Stiftung.

The main products of this company consist of components like steering systems, generators, electronics, controls,  starter motors, fuel systems, electrical drives, and brakes; industry products like consumer goods, controls, drives and packaging technologies; building products like thermal technology, power tools,  household appliances, and security systems. The majority of the employees, nearly one hundred thousand, and plants of the company are situated in Germany. The headquarters of Bosch in Northern America is situated in the Farmington Hills. There are three centers for researching technologies, which are in Cambridge, and Pittsburg.

Full Form of BOSCH

The factories, are situated in South Bend of Indiana, Anderson of South Carolina, Waltham of Massachusetts, Broadview of Illinois, and Mt Prospect of Illinois, Charleston of South Carolina, Clarksville of Tennessee, Kentwood of Michigan and Hoffman Estates of Illinois along with eleven other cities. There are ten sites dedicated to corporate in Mexico and two in Brazil. The number of employees in this company in the North American division is twenty-four thousand in nearly eighty divisions. As in the year two thousand and six, they generate nearly eight billion dollars in sales.

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