Full Form of BCC

Full Form of BCC

Blind Carbon Copy

BCC Full Form is Blind Carbon Copy. It is the process and mechanism that helps an individual in sending a copy of the e-mail to the recipient and the recipient’s address do not appear in the message. Contrary to CC (Carbon Copy) which helps to copy a message publicly, BCC is used when a person wants to do the copy privately and rather secretly. In this process, the primary or secondary recipients cannot detect the addresses of the tertiary recipients.

Full Form of BCC


This method is most useful when one wants to send a single message to multiple individuals who do not know each other, or if the sender wants to conceal the address of one recipient from others. It is also useful to prevent the spread of malware, spam, and computer viruses. It is done by accumulating all emails addresses which are in block list and which are available to every BCC recipients. But, some experts find this method as unethical.



They see it as a moral degradation in the technical world because the primary and secondary recipient believes that the communication is going between two or more known parties, but in fact the information of the messages are available to all BCC recipients. Thus it can be seen as a violation of right and privacy.


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